All great journeys must come to an end, and ours did in the lovely port of Crosshaven, home to the world’s oldest yacht club ( the Royal Cork Yacht Club, celebrating 300 years next year!) and, more importantly, Cronin’s Pub where yet again we were served a hearty portion of Irish hospitality and whit.
Friday we put Tioga to bed for the winter and sighed at the end of our big adventure.
So Saturday was out final day and we were making the most of it with a trip to Cobh to see the titanic museum and then on to the Jameson distillery to raise a final glass.

Thanks so much for following our adventure.

Will we sail over the Titanic?

As quite a few of you already know, we are in the final preparation of our next adventure. This time we are going north as it is not only time to give our underused heater a workout, but because the Northern Latitudes always ranked high on the list.
Plus, it offers the shortest way to get to Europe and that is where Tioga will be spending most of her time over the next couple of years.

As always, time is precious and none of us have enough vacation to spent appropriate amounts of time in all these beautiful areas. We are going for it anyways and are planning to sail the route below:

The overall trip is split into three legs:

  1. Nahant, MA to Halifax, NS – app 400nm
  2. Halifax, NS to St Johns, NL – app 670nm
  3. St Johns, NL to Cork, IRL – app1745nm

ie, roughly 2800nm.

After our boatless journeys to Japan and Tanzania in 2018, it feels good to plan this next Atlantic sailing event. If all goes well we will be leaving Nahant on Friday, July 19 in the afternoon. Our goal is to arrive at the Crosshaven Boatyard close to Cork by Labor Day weekend, ie early September.

Now, will we sail over the spot where the Titanic sank on her maiden voyage in 1912 and about 1500 people lost their lives?

No, we will not. While the spot is roughly in the vicinity of Newfoundland, it is about 350nm south of our route.