In the jungle

We got all planned boatwork done by lunchtime, had a quick meal on the boat and then headed out to theĀ Tamana Bat Caves.

While we were quite excited about the adventure of seeing hundreds of thousands bats, including vampire bats, as well as all the other things to expect in such caves, such as enormous amounts of guano or cockroaches, we also weren’t sure we had the appropriate equipment.
We therefore dug out 4 pairs of our rubber boots, lots of headlamps and flashlights, long pants, made ponchos out of our large heavy duty trash bags etc.
As mentioned before, transportation in Trinidad is not straight forward. Neither is finding your way on these narrow, often unmarked roads through jungles, tiny settlements, dirt roads etc.
During our first attempt we found the mountain, but not the path to hike up to. After talking with numerous locals, we finally got to the trail, put our “equipment on” and went for a hike (sweating like crazy). And what a hike it was. Lots of green vegetation, with bananas, oranges, limes, coconuts and other fruits.
The goal was to get in and out of the cave to see the bats during dusk when they leave the cave.
Unfortunately, we never found the caves. The drive and hike alone made for a very nice adventure, though.

A local burger (chicken, pineapple, cheese with lots of local spices) and a beer in the cockpit rounded of the day.