Does Spam ever really expire?

The shake-down sails with reach crew were a good refresher for our experienced crew and a good introduction for or new team members. We went through most maneuvers and sail configurations.
Everything worked fine. All system have been tested and confirmed to be working (Radar, GPS, AIS, VHF, epirp, Remote iPad, Heater, electronic charts, stove etc). The Satphone was reactivated, the drone software upgraded, boat and rigging surveys received and the transatlantic insurance accepted.
Plenty of sails fill the sail locker by now. There is foul weather, live vests, harnesses, headlamps everywhere.
The sump pump was replaced, the bilge pump serviced and scuba gear stowed away.
Paper charts and numerous spare handheld VHFs and GPSs complete the safety equipment. The liferaft was inspected and repackaged, new flares were purchased.
Lots of tools, spare parts, consumables and repair material were loaded on board Tioga, aka the Freight Train, aka the floating Home Depot.

With the settled weather over the last couple of weeks, we had perfect conditions to prepare Tioga for the sail to Newfoundland and then Ireland.
All we needed to do was load the food…

While Dan took the lead and on Saturday morning showed up with an enormous amount of non-perishables at the wharf, Philip went to the mooring just realize that the gear control cable was broken just as he let got of the mooring pennants.
A few McGyver moves later, Tioga was secured to another random mooring downwind and then with the help of additional crew motored to the dock by manually changing gears directly at the engine.

Tioga was already pretty loaded, the waterline disappeared for good after the huge pile of food and drinks was stowed away down below.
In parallel, Ulf, Doug, Dan and Jack started taking the pedestal and engine end of the control cable apart, while Peter and John fixed the pulpit mounts on the bow.
A lot git done in a short period of time due to this very good team work.

By now, Tioga is back at here mooring and the new control cables have been installed. We are good to go!

back to the title.
We already donated quite a bit of food to Venezuela when leaving the boat in Trinidad (a couple of laundry baskets full) but still kept quite a collection (“you never know what you will need it for”) – and at the end did not each much of it. The planned crew cook off with the leftovers back home never happened and we now had quite a collection of random food items, jam from Norway, Lemonade from Scotland, Juices and Sardines from Spain, Liver Pate from Portugal,…

And as we do not like to waste food, Philip started to sort through the expiration dates. And believe it or not, the beef jerkies that expired 3 year ago tasted just as good as back then, even the 2 years past due pear juice tasted very well. Sardines with bread out of a can are next.
And then there is Spam.
While not a fan of Spam. It is a form of meat that last a very long time (and can be turned into quite a nice meal as Corinna and John showed us in the middle of the ocean a while ago).
Anyways, we have quite a collection of past due Spam cans. Can Spam really ever expire?
We doubt it and will give it try soon – hopefully not in a life raft… ;-).