Video – Germany to Norway

A summary of our tour from Kappeln, Germany, to Kristiansand, Norway. Unfortunately, we hit a rock in Denmark and had to pull Tioga out for repairs in Aarhus, Denmark.

As we were lucky to find a nice group of people in Aarhus, we only lost three days. The new mast made it in one piece and the bad weather is already forgotten…

Should this YouTube video not run in your country, maybe this link works for you:


Believe or not but we did have to use sunscreen today 😉

By 01:00 the large windfarm off of Anholt was in sight. It looked like a landing strip for aliens with all its white flashes etc.
By 03:30 we were past Anholt and reached Læsø by 09:00. With 8-9kn, we were going pretty fast in the SW wind.
Now at 14:30 we reached Denmark’s northern-most point, Skagen, where the Baltic sea meets the North Sea, and started preparation for the North Sea (we changed from large genoa to working jib in anticipation of almost 20kn from the west). We are surrounded by a surprisingly large fleet of freighters waiting out here.

We are planning for a about 24 hr crossing to arrive somewhere around Mandal.

The mood on board is good. All are catching up on sleep and are checking the charts even more frequently than before 😉