Where is Yahoodi?

As most people lose interest when watching hundreds photos of someone else’s trip, here is a very quick slideshow to get an idea of what this year’s trip looked like.
A teaser to our upcoming video night at the Dory Club…

The crew from France to England

Cowes marks the first half of our final leg to Germany. This is where we change crew for the last time. Candace left the island per ferry on Monday (flying back to Boston via Heathrow) and Alex arrived here on Tuesday (coming in from Hannover via plane, bus and ferry). Bjoern will fly in from Munich on Thursday morning and we are planning to leave here Thursday afternoon (weather permitting).

We had a great time in St Malo, the Channel Islands, Lymington and Cowes and already miss Candace and our sitting in the cockpit dance club at the dock in Cowes….
The overnight sail from St Malo was about 60 nm and the daysail from Guernsey to Lymington about 100nm. Both were quite different in nature but quite enjoyable in their own way.

A couple of impressions of our crew:

Candace Corinna Ellen Philip Thomas


Sark is one of the smaller Channel Islands with just 600 inhabitants. Despite the rainy weather we decided to take the ferry to Sark and check it out. We were not disappointed.
The whole island’s look and feel took us back in time – way back. No street lights, no cars, just tractors on dirt roads. It was very cool and a little wet, but at least it did not rain.

During our walk to the northern tip of the island (where we enjoyed a nice wine & beer pick-nick) we found plenty of tasty blackberries. On the way south and a couple of very nice narrow paths later, we found a good hotel for lunch. Thomas and Philip went on to check out Dixcart Bay, a nice beach surrounded by impressive cliffs. While the girls made it back to the ferry, Thomas and Philip checked out La Coupee, the ridge connecting Sark to South Sark. Too bad there was not more time to make it down the narrow path meandering to the beach 80m below.

The only disappointment of the day was the lack of ice cream. That was probably for the best as we just caught the last ferry of the day in time. A perfect meal on board, escargot, scampi and a pasta meal, rounded of the day. By now our French and English neighbors moved on and we have a boat from New Zealand tied to us.

The wine is still flowing, no arrests yet…


Sark Sark