Azores to France – video

This video covers the 2nd leg of our 2015 transatlantic journey, ie the tour from Terceira, Azores to Brittany, France.

Our new crew, Peter & Sean Davis, John Fulghum and Doug Frauenholz, had flown to Terceira a few days before our departure and stocked up lots of fresh food, including a frozen piglet. Corinna and Lauren had flown to Germany while Nick and Philip continued on with the 4 new guys.
We left Terceira in late July and arrived in Roscoff about 10 days later.

While we did not have any significant storms to deal with, the challenges were initially more about sailing downwind as close to the rhumb line as possible, followed by low wind periods that turned against us and increased in strength.
Crossing the first traffic separation zone showed the value of our new AIS system and prepared us well for further crossings later on.
From Roscoff, our formal port of entry, we moved on the Isle de Brehat  and then St Malo.

Total distance sailed: app 1400nm.



For those in countries where this YouTube video does not run, the link below might be better choice (it takes a little longer to load, though)


Where is Yahoodi?

As most people lose interest when watching hundreds photos of someone else’s trip, here is a very quick slideshow to get an idea of what this year’s trip looked like.
A teaser to our upcoming video night at the Dory Club…

Le bateau americaine – Tioga

There are a lot of British and Dutch visitors in Brittany, arriving under an American flag is still somewhat special.

Guillaume, the local reporter for Le Telegramme, covering Morlaix, found us in the marina. He took a couple of pictures, interviewed us and sampled the delicious piglet we celebrated our arrival with.

You can find his online article here. The paper version was published on Thursday, August 6.


Roscoff – additional thoughts


We had picked Roscoff for our landfall in France because it was listed as a port of entry on northern Brittany and therefore a better option than to sail all the way to St Malo and miss most of this amazing cruising area.

While we did not expect much in Roscoff, we were pleasantly surprised. The marina was brand new and the facilities good. The sailmaker was very supportive and returned sails and babystay within hours, the local cafe had good enough internet speed and the chandlery was well stocked.

Best of all, though, was the close proximity to the old habor, where we did not only find great restaurants and beautiful old houses, but also a lively atmosphere with street bands, lots of tourists etc. A great place to rent bikes, take the ferry to Isle de Batz and more.

As you can imagine, our master chef (who is an equally good sailor!), Peter, had something special in mind to celebrate our arrival in style. He had bought a whole piglet in Horta before we left and Monday was the day he put it on the grill… unfortunately, Peter had to fly back to the US earlier than the rest of the crew and therefore left Tioga already in Roscoff.

A few impressions of out stay:

Roscoff Roscoff


Quick update.

We made landfall this morning in Roscoff, France, and are getting organized. As always, the search for decent internet speed has already started…

Genoa, working jib and babystay are with the local sailmaker and will come back tonight.
Equipment is drying, washing machines running, Chef Davis is working his magic and the crew his ready for a shower.

The Tides are enormous and even the somewhat remote traffic separation schemes out here in the west are quite busy. About 100 boats left this morning for a regatta around Cape Finisterre. After work is done we will check out Old Town and look for a good French meal. So, lot’s of activity.

Life is good (and almost dry again)

more soon…

Roscoff Roscoff