Keeping the pace

The team in Trinidad continues to make very good progress.

The new teak is almost done in the cockpit.
On deck (see photos) the work is moving right along.
Navtec vang was repaired.
Internal wood work is progressing.
Partners and boots are getting ready.
The bottom paint is being stripped and all materials are procured to put 4 coats of steel epoxy primer on the keel and 3 coats of epoxy barrier coat on the hull and keep.
(We will follow up with 2 coats of antifouling on the entire bottom and a 3rd one along the waterline and leading edges.)

Let there be light

We had struggled to refill our gas tanks last year and continued to do so in Ireland. Howth had nothing to offer and we were hoping that Cork would work out better. As the first attempt by the Yacht club staff failed, we came up with a more elaborate plan, rented a car and had Marc and Max drive for about 1 hour to the Calor Gas filling station. At the end of the day they were not able or allowed to fill the tanks either.
We ended up buying the Irish tank and after a while were able to connect it to the boat’s system ( thank god for all the redundancies we built into the system). So we have light (or a working stove) again and are ready to move on.
Numerous other items were fixed, tanks filled and food purchased. An inspection of the mast was successfully completed and burgees were exchanged. Our fourth crew member, Alex, arrived in the afternoon .
The weather window was reconfirmed and another nice meal was ordered at the Anchor (again). We are ready to go and are planning to leave for A Coruna tomorrow morning.