NYC by sea

With our friends, Hilla and Stefan, moving back to Europe this fall, we recently decided that is was time to sail to New York City and experience the Big Apple in a different way.

Sailing into New York Harbor under the Verazano Bridge was already impressive but easily topped by sailing up close to the Statue of Liberty and then along the amazing skyline up the Hudson River to the marina at 79th street.

We had carefully planned our departure the next day to not only get pushed down the Hudson with the outgoing tide but to also get washed around Battery Park up the East River.
Of course, things turned out a little differently when we untied Tioga off the dock just to learn that we were stuck in the mud at low tide…
Anyways, leaving a good hour later did not really slow us down and we enjoyed another fantastic sail along Manhattan and under numerous beautiful bridges.
While moving at 11 knots through Hell Gate was a lot of fun, the most memorable event might have been when border patrol aimed their machine gun at us, requesting that we leave enough space for the departing Staten Island ferry.

Below are a couple of impressions of that trip: