The Perfect Easter Sunday

On this hot Easter morning, we started off with some delicious bacon egg and cheese sandwiches made by Cathy on some buttery croissants grilled up by Lili. After some post-breakfast swimming in the incredibly refreshing Mustique water, we set off to the island in hopes of meeting the anonymous rich and famous (without getting a sunburn). As we docked on the island we looked around for a taxi to give us a tour of this truly mysterious island, which in fact is one large company. The tour was in a 7-person van, given by a very old local who was relatively hard to understand, but nonetheless told us all there is to know about the island. We saw the houses of Bryan Adams, Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger, and many more. After the tour, we found a small pop up bar to have a drink before heading back to the boat.
We ate a quick lunch and took a last swim before setting sail and heading to Bequia. Once anchoring in Port Elizabeth we all relaxed and had an absolutely delicious
steak, green bean and rice dinner. The steak was grilled to perfection thanks to our humble captain. We all ate and looked around to where we are and how lucky we were to be sitting in this beautiful harbor on this beautiful boat with the best company and watch the sun set with full bellies and (overly) sun kissed skin while we all shared stories and laughter to end the most perfect Easter, in the best way possible, and after enough Tequila Sunrises, we for sure can all move like Jagger…

Totally Turtles

we awoke in paradise this am
we still owned a dinghy and a motor, yeah!
friendly dog – didnt touch
lovely swim in salt whistle bay
too early for purchasing brightly colored wraps from beach
so packed up and headed to Tobaggo Cay
snorkled along an amazing reef
swam with sea turtles
collected more sand
getting too much sun – there is not enough sunscreen for Lili
time to sail to our next destination: Mustique
a beautiful, easy sail under partly cloudy skies
we love the FLY – keeps the hot sun off the cockpit
the temperature couldn’t be more perfect
sun, clouds and a lovely breeze =
a few hours later we arrived in Britannia Bay, Mustique
greeted by the very friendly and helpful harbor master
gave us an insight to the inner workings of the island – 99% of the island is off limits because of the residents and famous vistitors –
hope to take an hour tour which highlights famous home owners and other points of interest once moored, some of us swam and others had cocktails and watched the sunset.
waiting on dinner – prepared by peter
quick rain shower came through – so we installed a portion of the kuchenbude

life is still good