Almost ready

We made a lot of progress today after we completed the looong shopping list last night. While the initial plan was to buy everything in one of the supermarkets that deliver, we ended up buying all the non-perishables at Lidl due to the very low prices. Unfortunately, we bought more than one “large” taxi could handle and filled up two of them. But at 15 Euros total taxi fare, we still got a very good deal.
It took us quite a while to carry endless carton boxes of food and drinks from the parking lot to the boat and even longer finding space for it all on the boat. About 80% is stowed away by now.
Clyde, our rigger, came back with the new rail-wire and installed them with Max. The new rail looks very robust and keeps us all safe.
We initiated the cleaning process of our water system and are waiting for tomorrow morning to replace the current chemicals with the next ones. We should be done with it all tomorrow.
Final highlight of the day was the installation of the Sta-Lok terminal on the inner forestay. We cut the forestay to length, followed the instructions and were pretty happy with the outcome.
The forecast looks a little better by now as the system is moving further north than initially predicted. Leaving on Friday seems a likely scenario again.
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History and serious food

After our very rewarding first day in Lisbon, we finally managed to get a second one. While it clearly takes a lot more to really get to know Lisbon, we believe we got a good first impression of what this amazing city has to offer.

It all started in the morning when Jan, our Finnish sailor-friend, came over for a late breakfast. Ulf and Philip had taken care of the urgent work items early in the morning and were ready to sneak into the marina showers to clean up – before combining work with pleasure.
We took the train to Lisbon and went from one interesting site to the next, took care of more important work when needed and learned a lot more about Jan, the Finnish culture and how quickly he got into sailing (he bought his boat 3 years ago, quickly learned how to sail and now had managed to sail single-handedly all the way from Finnland to Spain!!).

We ticked a few more UNESCO world heritage site boxes as well (after Porto’s old town and the Torre de Hercules before in A Coruna) by visiting the Torre de Belém (a historic tower at the river Tagus) and Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (an impressive monestry that among other things is the home of Vasco da Gama‘s tomb (the Portuguese explorer and first European to reach India by sea)).

We were also quite lucky that Salt of Portugal liked one of our earlier posts. We were curious about who they were and very positively surprised by their blog and wished to have come across it earlier. Have a look at their really nice wordpress blog – very good quality.
We followed up and went to two places they recently wrote about:
Bairro do Avillez to have a late lunch and after that to Manteigaria for desert and were very happy that we did.
Bairro do Avillez had an outstanding atmosphere and very high qualiy food, while Manteigaria cleary made the best Pastéis de Nata in Lisbon.
A walk through downtown to the Praça do Comércio and a joint dinner on the boat with Jan rounded of our day.
While business work and sightseeing were our main focus over the last few days, we will change gears tomorrow to get more boat work done as we getting ready for the sail to Madeira.

IMG_7094  IMG_6999

fine dining at sea

Food on a Bluewater sail doesn’t have to be rice and beans all the time. If you plan accordingly, prepare well, and have some imagination, meals can be very diverse and delicious.
We decided to prepare 6 frozen dinners at home that we vacuum sealed and froze. Those we started the trip eating were meatloaf, green beans and potatoes the first night, chili the second and leftover chili with pasta on the 3rd. The nights that followed included Rosemary chicken, with freshly made potato salad, indian chicken Korma with rice, beef stew, goulash and thai red curry with rice. Most of the dinners were served in one bowl so eating was not too challenging in high seas. We also tried to have a tossed salad most of the nights as an appetizer to ward off the scurvy.
After our 6 prepared meals were gone, dinners prepared on board with the frozen meats and fresh vegetables were served. Those included pasta with a chicken and veggie tomato sauce, pork and fried potatoes and tonight, a stuffed pork roast with sausage and rice pilaf. On our last night at sea tomorrow we will have some of Lolo’s 33 sausages with pasta and sauce. Once we get to the Azores, steak from the grill as well as sampling the local fare. Breakfast has mostly been cereal, but Corinna did whip up special treats of bacon and eggs, pancakes, and bacon and egg sandwiches. This morning Dan broke out the “survivalist” bacon and egg breakfast in a can. After we all tasted it, Ulf said it would be good, if we were eating it in a life raft. Lunches were mostly cold cut sandwiches and dinner leftovers. When weather permitted we enjoyed appetizers of cheese, salami, dips, and crackers. We rounded out our food supplies with various fruits, nuts, granola bars and of course the large stash of chocolate bars and candy. So what do you think? Sounds pretty good, right?


Food shopping

With 1 week left, Corinna and Emily went grocery shopping to get most of our basic needs covered; all non-perishable items, cold-cuts and other items that will be vacuum-packed and frozen are in our house now.
The frozen items will stay here until the day of departure. Everything else will be loaded today.

Food shopping   Food shoppingFood shopping