Azores – video

This video is a quick summary of the various islands we visited on the Azores over 3 weeks in 2015. Each one had its own character and we had a hard time determining our favorite.

Our first stop was Flores, the western-most island and about 120 nm away from our next stop. While Flores is relatively small and provides only basic facilities, it has a lot to offer and we highly recommend a stop-over.
Faial was our next stop and with Horta clearly the center for ocean going vessels. Just across the straight was Pico, offering great vistas from Portugal’s highest mountain.
While our stay in Sao Jorge was brief, we enjoyed the quaint village and interesting public pool.
Our final stop, Terceira, had a lot to offer with UNESCO world heritage site, Angra do Heroismo, and lots more. It is also one of the few islands with a direct connection to Boston.

Distance traveled: just over 200nm


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Where is Yahoodi?

As most people lose interest when watching hundreds photos of someone else’s trip, here is a very quick slideshow to get an idea of what this year’s trip looked like.
A teaser to our upcoming video night at the Dory Club…


Our time on Faial has come to an end and we are moving on to Sao Jorge, only about 20nm away from Horta. Faial has been another outstanding island that we enjoyed visiting.
With the marina, Horta clearly has decent base for the boating community. Check-in and -out is easy with Harbor Master, Customs, Immigration etc all under one roof, using the same forms etc. (Flores is not an official port of entry. It is accepted to visit the island on the way to Faial and requires a basic check-in procedure. However, the formal entry to Portugal takes place in Horta, or other formal ports of entry). The marina has clean (and warm) showers, laundry, fuel and basic wifi. Mid-Atlantic Yacht Services (MAYS) provides repair services, runs a chandlery etc. Ralf, the local sailmaker, is very helpful…
The view across the canal to Pico is stunning. Great restaurants and bars are in easy reach. The beach is just 5 min down the street.
While the famous bar, Peter’s cafe Sport, was smaller and a little quieter than we thought, it was filled with ocean sailors and had a great vibe (and of course gin tonics and life music). The Nahant Dory Club burgee found a good spot right next to the entrance.

The supermarket is just a few minutes up the street and has a vary large selection. Decent wifi can be found in nearby cafes and hotels.

Activities included horse-riding, visiting the caldeira (the highest point on Faial) as well the western end of the island, Capelinhos, where a large new section was created by a vulcano eruoption not too long ago (1957/8). Amazing to see the lower level of the lighthouse covered by lava and only the top section of the window frames showing.

While we left our mural on Flores already, we left another one in Horta. Dan, Peter and Ulf spent a fair bit of time designing and painting it on the wall of the northern marina, a prime location and not far from well known boats, such as Endeavor etc.

Fixing bits and pieces on the boat continued.
We did not receive the spare parts of the hydro-generator, but believe that one of the connectors might have caused the problem. While we broke the soldering iron with 220V, we hope that a generous epoxy filling of the plug compensates for the worn out screw (we’ll test that on the way to Sao Jorge). After the v-berth hatch still leaked we used zip-lock bags and transparent tape for now. The windvane was taken apart again and confirmed to be working. New, lighter vanes are being built by Peter in Nahant. To stop the cans from opening the shutters, he is also building a couple of wodden cross-bars we will install in Terceira. The new genoa halyard, drone case, rotor guards and lens covers (As well as Philips wallet) will make it to Terceira next week as well. Hopefully, we get the roller furler cage to stay on longer this time.

And, of course a major highlight for us, Lauren and Nick managed to complete their PADI Open Water Diver certification! They had completed the pool section and theory in MA already and now added their 4 ocean dives. We’ll see where we find a good scuba location for the entire family…

Horta - Faial Peter Cafe Sport Capelhinos

Just another day

We arrived in Horta and now sit comfortably in a slip. No more bracing our selves to perform easy normal functions, taking 20 minutes to get dressed, and being wet 24/7. We are spending time relaxing and painting our mural on the harbor wall in Horta. Ulf, Peter, and uncle Danny visited Pico Island yesterday. The 2 whaling museums were quite interesting. Whaling in the Azores was a major part of life until the 1970s. The island is covered with vineyards and our taxi driver brought us to his home and served us the most delicious home made wine.
Today Corinna cleaned and oiled the teak woodwork on Tioga. The rest of the crew enjoyed a horseback ride through the country side. Ulf, better known as The German John Wayne was a wonder to watch as he rode off into the sunset. We topped off the day with a steak dinner and some local wines aboard Tioga. We will finish the night with our duty of our daily visit to Peter’s – the famous sailors bar here in Horta.
Last night there was an Olympic competition of snoring, between Ulf and Uncle Danny, with Ulf winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze! Uncle Danny was disqualified when he took a sleeping pill which is considered a PED in this competition.
Nicky and the Captain took a late afternoon swim and Nick did get 2 jellyfish stings. After applying vinegar and seawater the pain did lessen.
We have moved from sailors to Tourists, and soon some of the crew will leave and a new crew will arrive. The leaving crew very envious of the incoming crew.

Fuel in HortaHorta - Faial - PicoHorta - Faial - Pico Horta   Pico