The Routes

While Tioga spends most of her time coastal cruising in New England, longer offshore trips take place every couple of years.

In 2008 a first Gulf Stream crossing on the way to Bermuda confirmed Tioga’s excellent offshore capabilities.
In 2010/2011, the crew took it one step further and sailed from Nahant to Bermuda and on to the Caribbean and back.

Current focus is on the Atlantic circle that will take Tioga 2015-2017 in numerous legs with various crews  from Nahant, MA, to Europe, the Caribbean and then back to the US.

2012 – Nahant to Maine and back

Our best coastal cruising so far.

2011 – Bermuda to Nahant

The calmest Gulf Stream crossing so far.

2011 – Antigua to Bermuda

The calmest sail so far, quite often looking for wind. Watch the bucket if you catch Portugese men of war!

2010 – Christmas Cruise in the Caribbean

Great family sail to numerous new destinations, perfect weather, warm water, tough to beat.

2010 – Bermuda to Antigua

The best bluewater leg so far. One long reach from Bermuda to St Martin with plenty of wind all the way.

2010 – Nahant to Bermuda

First leg on the way to Antigua. Numerous heavy storms ensured a good workout for crew and boat.

2008 – Nahant to Bermuda and back

We left Nahant June 6 in the afternoon and reached Bermuda on the 11th. So, it took us about 5 days for the roughly 660nm, ie an average speed of 5.5kt.


Preparation for the trip looked like this:

BDA 2008 prep

Bermuda to Nahant:

We were very lucky: two tacks around Graves and then no more tacks/jibes until Bermuda

Wind:   westerly winds 0-35kn
Waves:  1-8ft
Water:   low 50’s in NHT, low 90’s in BDA
Sea live:  First whales off graves, dolphins, flying fish, one large turtle, portuguese man of war


Nahant to Bermuda:

Lucky again: one jibe out of BDA and then straight to NHT

Wind:   westerly winds 0-40kn
Waves:  1-15ft
Water:   low 90’s in BDA, 60’s in NHT
Sea live:  whales, dolphins, flying fish, sunfish, portuguese man of war


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