01907 Article

01907 is the zip code of Swampscott, another community next to Nahant. It is also the name of a magazine that covers life on the Northshore.

Dave Liscio, who sailed with us on our first trip to Bermuda, just published this article in that magazine.

Good old memories.

Thanks Dave!

Bermuda Party 2008

Just came across this photo. It shows most of the crew involved in our first sail to Bermuda and back to Nahant.

From left to right:
Philip, Josh, Peter, John, Ulf, Dan, Bob, Josh and Doug.

This was during the Bermuda party at the Nahant Dory Club and of course shows us all in proper Bermuda attire and more importantly carrying stacks of empty Dark’n Stormy cups. What would we do without that Gosling’s rum – or those fancy socks…?


BDA party NDC

Bermuda 2008

A few impressions from the first offshore trip on Tioga to Bermuda and back around Bermuda to St George Hamilton, Bermuda St George, Bermuda 2008 – Nahant to Bermuda and back We left Nahant June 6 in the afternoon and reached Bermuda on the 11th. So, it took us about 5 days for the roughly 660nm, ie an average speed of 5.5kt. After leaving Tioga on a mooring (Bermuda Yacht Services) for a couple of weeks (June 15-26), we sailed back to Nahant and arrived there on Independence Day. NHT2BDA Preparation for the trip looked like this: BDA 2008 prep Nahant to Bermuda: We were very lucky: two tacks around Graves and then no more tacks/jibes until Bermuda Wind:   westerly winds 0-35kn Waves:  1-8ft Water:   low 50’s in NHT, low 90’s in BDA Sea live:  First whales off graves, dolphins, flying fish, one large turtle, portuguese man of war NHT2BDA 2008 forecast In Bermuda: In addition to 2 great offshore trips, 2 Gulf Stream crossings, a “weather feature”, we had a good time in Bermuda. Sailing from St George to Hamilton twice, watching the Onion Patch races and partying with the Newport to Bermuda crews at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club made this anything but a boring trip. Bermuda to Nahant: Lucky again: one jibe out of BDA and then straight to NHT Wind:   westerly winds 0-40kn Waves:  1-15ft Water:   low 90’s in BDA, 60’s in NHT Sea live:  whales, dolphins, flying fish, sunfish, portuguese man of war. Snapshot of the Gulf Stream on the way home: GS Bda2Nht Article in Fidelity’s employee magazine about this trip (Dan works for Fidelity): Fidelity_Oct_Exchange Ode to Cap’n Kersten – by Bob Baldwin and crew:

Ode to Cap’n Kersten

For many years our Captain has felt deep blue’s irresistible allure; He dreamt of a voyage, one of his own, not on a tour. We aren’t certain exactly when the words “I will” replaced “I might”, But if you will allow us poetic license: it was a Dark and Stormy night… The boat he had (it came from my dad) its credentials were the best. The crew was easy to recruit at 1am, Octoberfest. A more qualified bunch could not be found from Gloucester to Weehawkin, But half their claims turned out to be the Jaegermeister talkin’. He laid out a careful plan, German precision made agendas quite hearty, His monthly sessions were meant to be rigorous, but the crew just wanted to party! Such precautions made everyone feel safe, except the pig’s feet, which were not OK. The Googe site was really quite thorough; I was impressed when I finally read it today. On 6th the June the vessel left, with our Captain in the stirrups, All went well ‘till the 3am bell, when he found the crew steering towards Europe. But the crew turned around and despite being fog bound, answered the call of duty, Daily grind of changing sails, steering the course, and posing for the cover of Das Booty. On the 5th day, outside St. George’s bay, the weather she turned fair, We could go on with this story but what happens in Bermuda, must stay there. The Captain’s trip back home was all too quick, but not too quick for a quickie. Next, “He Went to Paris”, then he came home and bought a fourth bike for Nicky. Back on the Isle he was dancing in style with yachties by the thousand, So well prepared for the trip and his crew at his hip, the Cap relaxed and got sheisshausen! All know ‘tis bad luck to bring wenches to sea, such is the pirate’s noise, But against this tide he took his bride by his side.  Result: she’s now one of the boys. With cigars in hand, and free rum in the hold acquired by our light-fingered teacher, The crew headed north, bravely going forth into the heart of a promised weather feature. High seas, gale winds and strong current made the crew’s experience complete, And to the Captain’s delight he found a student in Dan, unlike the power-boater Pete. With Tioga now resting at mooring and Emily the one hearing Ulf’s snoring, Both crews agree that this voyage at sea was a far cry from being boring. We thank you for shouldering a captain’s burden at times clearly evident on your face, But with your demonstrated abilities and good judgment, to a man we’d sail with you any place.                                                 Thanks from the crew of the Tioga, Bermuda 2008.