Video – Trinidad to Antigua

After a challenging start in Chaguaramas (we had to pull the boat back out and get if fixed over night) we got into the swing of things, sailed over night to the Grenadines and enjoyed a couple of days of island hoping before continuing to Antigua.

The roughly 400nm route looked like this:

We did not capture as much footage as usual. Hopefully the video below still gives somewhat of a flavor of the places we visited:

The crew from Trinidad to Antigua

A few impressions of our crew that sailed from Trinidad to Antigua.

Similar to our start last season in Europe where major boatwork had to be completed (replacing the mast), we had to deal with the same risk this time. Although the teak deck and awlgrip work was finished in time, the newly discovered problems at the bottom created new challenges. Luckily enough, we were in the right place with Trinidad and its capable companies and were very glad to have only lost one day in the process.

We were relieved to reach the Grenadines over night and leave the potentially pirate infested waters close to Venezuela behind us, visited quite a view islands: Mopion, Union, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Mustique and Bequia before then reaching Antigua after a 2 day sail.
Snorkeling Horseshoe Reef and swimming with turtles at Tobago Cays was just as memorable as seeing all the superyachts in Falmouth Harbor and beautifully maintained classic yachts in English Harbor.

We sailed about 400nm and did it all with our genoa alone (it would take us another 400nm on the next leg to finally use the main sail as well). Coming from a pretty hot location (Trinidad) it was surprising how mild the quite warm temperatures in Antigua felt.

Cathy Johnson
Corinna Kersten
Lauren Kersten
Lili Barba
Linda Barba
Peter Barba
Philip Kersten

Another leg is coming to its end.

We got quite a few items taken care of today.
While the Captain went to work, Linda and Cathy dropped the laundry off in town, Corinna and Lauren cleaned the boat and packed their bags. Peter took care of the whisker pole pieces and spinnaker pole.
In the afternoon, after Peter exchanged burgees with the Antigua Yacht Club, we all met at Immigrations at Nelson’s dockyard to check out the crew that is flying home. With the captain back at work, the crew went to the beach to enjoy their last day in Antigua
Back at home, Ulf picked up the new alternator and Ellen started her trip to Antigua (by now all new crew have Captain’s letters to make sure they do not experience the same challenges that Ellen went through at Logan airport).

We celebrated Ellen’s arrival with a first cocktail on the deck of the AYC. Got the laundry back to boat, packed and went to dinner at Trappas followed by lots of dancing at the local corner bar.

The temperature is still perfect, the breeze is still going and the cocktails are still flowing – what more can you want…

Making a life

The captain left the boat early in the morning to go to work (and enjoy the beautiful view) while Peter and Corinna found and fixed the leak in the aft cabin and also installed the new wire for the lpg shut-off valve that stopped working yesterday (and with that stopped the stove and oven from working).

While the girls enjoyed a day at the nice beach around the corner, Peter and Philip continued the troubleshooting of the electrical system. With the help of our master mechanic/shore crew, Dan, they concluded that the alternator was fried (probably because the grounding cable broke off during the trip). Dan and Ulf are working on getting us a new alternator in Marblehead that we are planning to install over the weekend.

We finished the evening with a sushi dinner at Angie Dickinson’s restaurant at the Antigua Yacht Club (Angie turned the old attic into a kitchen and doubled the upstairs patio size after the AYC moved into the new building next door) and a walk to Nelson’s dockyard.

A great trip is coming to an end. We have only one dinner left.

And don’t forget:
Never got so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

Arrived in Antigua

When the sun came up, the clouds had moved on and we had a beautiful, yet sportive finish upwind to Antigua. While Antigua Classics had not begun yet, we came across quite a few spectacular boats that were practicing before the big date.

As before, Antigua or Falmouth Harbor (where we are anchored) did not disappoint. There were lots and lots of amazing boats at the docks (a lot of them classics, but also the Maltese Falcon and lots of other modern superyachts were tied here), the mooring area was filled with boats and the Antigua Yacht Club had renovated quite a bit.
UNESCO world heritage site, Nelson’s Dockyard, is where we went through customs & immigrations and had a brief look a the wooden boats moored stern to.

After a meal on the boat and a few repairs we caught on sleep (hence this delayed post).
Hopefully, we will get our electricity challenge under control so that we can run the fridge again.

The Elusive Spotted Dolphins

On the high seas again.  The crew settled in for a 2 day sail to Antigua.  We had a rough 1st night with alot of wave action. Each time we passed by one of the many carribean islands, we lost our wind and needed to motor until we passed the island. So far, we have passed St. Vincent, St. lucia, Martinique, Dominica, and we are currently enjoying the lights of Guadeloupe.  Most of the past day has been spent relaxing, taking watch or sleeping.  We had a light lunch of hot dogs from a jar and chips and spinach dip.  For dinner, Corinna made a fantastic fish stew.  The days highlight, you guessed it, yes Uncle Dan, we came across a pod of 10 of the Eluuusive Spotted Dolphins! They appeared to be smaller than those we have seen on prior trips.  They danced and played for 5 minutes and swam off.  All in all a good day.  In about 10 hours we should make landfall in Antiqua to end another leg in Tioga’s journey home.

Bequia – Marley Hats and Orca Teeth

We went into the town last night and did a little dancing to reggae. Lili and Lauren met 2 little girls – Zion and Azifa. Since it was a late night we slept in a bit. After the usual breakfast
of fruit and cereal, Capt. Philip, Peter, Linda, Cathy and Lili headed into to town. Corinna and Lauren relaxed on Tioga. The landing team arrived to find Bequia in full Easter Regatta
Festival with food, arts & crafts, more food and loud music. The group officially checked out of St Vincent & the Grenadines since Tioga will set sail for this leg’s final destination of Antigua
later in the day.We stop in at a open air market and purchase some t-shirts and bags and other Merch! The captain spent about an hour negotiating for an Orca tooth and a Bob Marley Knit cap – which really set the Carribean mood. We wove our way through the festival and along the coastal walkway to a large high falutin’ party which we were way under dressed. We watched the movers and shakers in the party for a few minutes and headed back to a nice little cafe along the water front for some conch fritters, fish cakes and chicken wings – washed down with Rum Punch and Pain Killers. Once we left the waterfront cafe we were walking back to the inflatable when we ran into a committee member from the regatta and inquired about trading a Dory Club burgee for a local clubs burgee. We were introduced to Andrew – the head of the local youth sailing program. He brought us into their local club and treated us to rum punch after rum punch. We left the Dory Club burgee with the promise of getting one of theirs mailed to us. We also swaps personal contact information in the hopes of doing a little sail instructor training abroad program to Bequia and having some of their students travel to the US to sail in our program. We lucked out with a few Gosling Red Regatta shirts and a Youth sailing hat for Lili. Lili made a purchase of an Orca tooth necklace for Peter that will nicely match his lucky ships wheel necklace he received before sailing transatlantic. With the afternoon waning away we decided to head back to the Tioga for a bit of rest and prepare for the 2 day sail to Antigua – hopefully we have time for a quick stop in Guadalupe along the way. We have a quick meal of curried Chicken and salad before departing the lovely island of Bequia – another awesome day.