Irish Plankathon

The Lazarette
a Stern Publication
Monday August 26

Anniversary edition
As we celebrate 10 days at sea we would like to thank our growing list of now hundreds of subscribers. Most readers are friends and family of the 50 sailors that have enjoyed sailing Tioga with captain Philip and his family on the Atlantic’s blue waters since 2008.

Our newest subscriber is also one of the oldest ones: Rolf Reinhard, 92 and Ulf’s father in law has inspired Ulf to sign up for this journey to Ireland, which is where Rolf had spent his early childhood.

Rolf’s dad, a forester, had been hired by the Irish government to reforest the island in the 1930s. When Rolf was 12 years old he competed in Irish planking, an ancient celtic sport.

You may recall that In the 1960s Irish planking was almost selected as an Olympic sport, loosing out only to Badminton. The goal is to create a straight line from head to toe and to hold this in place as long as possible, while touching the ground only with toes and elbows.

Rolf achieved a school record of 17 Minutes and 23 seconds. In honor of Rolf, today each of the the Tioga crew members attempted to break Rolf’s record, see attached photos. Needless to say Rolf’s record still stands with our max achieved by Captain Philip at 4 minutes, 16 seconds!

Today was probably the busiest day of all. Beyond Irish planking, the Tioga crew engaged in changing, reefing and setting sails, cleaning, cooking, and reading (yes, Emily, Ulf has almost completed Sapiens!). Most importantly, we turned on the heater – a Tioga first timer – to dry out the boat and gear after yesterday’s surf, spray and rain.

The wind died down today, and we did not travel many miles in the last 24 hours. Never-the-less, we are coming into the home stretch of our journey, with just over a day until we expect to see Fastnet rock!

Going from roughly 12000 feet depth to just 1200, we left the deep waters today and are impressed by the very long and at least 10 foot high ocean swell.

As we prepare for dinner with a beautiful sun setting behind us, all is well on Tioga!