The need for speed

The Lazarette
a Stern Publication
Sunday August 25

Despite appearances to the contrary Tioga is a laser dinghy! For those who are not familiar with the laser, it is a one-person dinghy, 13 feet in length, one main sail, and she weighs about 130 pounds before crew. It is also a boat that Philip, Ulf and Ledyard sail a fair bit in “friendly” competition. Tioga is 44 feet long, has a main, jib and staysail, along with various other sails, capacity for an endless supply of Spam, baked beans and other supplies, a crew of six, and she weighs in at about 26000 pounds.

How is it the Tioga could ever be a laser? Survey says: She surfs like one! Yes the laser actually surfs in enough wind, skipping along the surface at an exciting clip. Tioga surfs in a much more stable and stately style but surf none the less she does. She’s been on a broad reach, starboard tack since 6 PM last night, Saturday. In a nice breeze we began to see some big numbers on the knot meter. The competitive juices began to flow. I wonder who can go fastest?
Ledyard began with an impressive 11.4 knt run in a paltry 26 knt breeze. (Wow that guy is fast). Seeing Ledyard’s stellar display at the helm, Ulf began to create ad hoc rules regarding the scoring of wave surfing in the North Atlantic, ostensibly to create a fair playing field but one must wonder when the high score by ledyard suddenly becomes just a qualifying score. Hmmm. In a much stiffer breeze of 30 knts, Ulf was able to achieve a 12.5 surf, at least according to him. Ledyard went forward to pout and nap.

Then the big dog showed up. Rising from his nap, Captain Philip could not resist getting in on the action. And as one would expect with so much time behind the Tioga wheel (read massive unfair advantage), Philip scored a 13.5 knts. Ledyard and Ulf then simulated electrical issues and switched off the knot meter, reminding Philip of his own words that Tioga is a low energy consumption boat.
Ulf and Ledyard began secretly using Philip’s data plan to consult with international sailing associations to file the obvious protest. Clearly their early surfing clean Tioga’s bottom, creating unfair conditions. This is further supported by the fact that Ulf went faster than Ledyard and then Philip faster still.

However the real threat was yet to come. In the following watch, Dapper Dave rode a big wave to clock the winning 13.9 score What a ride. Ledyard had a great final run at 12.9. Then in the following watch Chef Amy served up a 12.6 dish of humble pie.

Final standings

Dapper Dave 13.9
Prince Philip 13.5
Bunk Nomad Ledyard 12.9
Chef Amy 12.6
Ulf, Son of Ulf 12.5 (good effort buddy keep trying )

All this goes to show that you can take the sailer out of the dinghy but you can’t take the dinghy out of the sailer.

All is well here on Tioga, bruised egos aside.

Distance traveled in the last 24 hours: 179!

One thought on “The need for speed

  1. Very impressive run over the last 24 hours. The need for speed is real. Safe travels.

    Stephen Roberts
    HouseMaster Inspection Services
    PO Box 642
    Swampscott, MA 01907


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