The Lazarette – Endless Pool

The Lazarette
a Stern Publication

The day started with a belated celebration of reaching the half way mark with Mimosas. Don‘t ask why it just happened that way. We gave Neptune his due and began to think about the second half of our journey, now well underway.

After cocktails, the wind died down slowly, and the sun smiled across a cloudless sky. The air and sailors’ mood got so warm that an Ocean swim became theoretically possible (in 2025 fathoms = 13,000 feet = 4,000 meters , 59 F = 15 C waters). What started as a hypothetical discussion lead to all 6 sailors changing into their speedos. The boys jumped in first as boys often do. The girls waited from a safe distance until after they had attained positive confirmation that all boys made it back alive. Then, instead of jumping in they dipped their toes into the iceberg cooled water inch by inch so that they could enjoy the contraction of their veins more intensely.

Once everyone had warmed up again, we listened to Max W’s awesome playlist of classic rock and demonstrated everyones signature dance moves (see attached)

And yes. We ran the Engine for the very first time on this trip due to no wind.

It’s spaghetti and meatballs on the menu tonight served with laughter and good cheer on the side.