The Lazarette – Dave’s birthday

The Lazarette
a Stern Publication

Thank you to our faithful Tioga crew not able to make this passage who sent us off with not-to-be-opened-until-half-way gift boxes. We loved the mix of goodies and warm thoughts.

Big news on Tioga today, it is Dave’s birthday! He is a lucky guy to be scudding down the waves in 15 kts on his BDay, and we are lucky to have him on Tioga. Dave has brought along a family heirloom, a beautiful sextant, so that it can finally be christened a transatlantic instrument and add to his family’s rich history of sailing. You really get to know a guy on watch after watch, and Dave is a good man and a dedicated dad. He apparently has excellent dance moves as well, but has been a bit shy on the Lido Deck. Happy Birthday Dave, your up in ten.

Some readers have requested data on long standing Tioga traditions. Here you go:

1. Run the motor yet? No!
2. Turned on the heater in the North Atlantic during the freezing cold? No!
3. Sail changes: 1444 changes. ulf keep putting up the spinnaker without permission and leaving it for Philip to deal with on his watch. 4. Found Ulfs boots in the garbage? Daily!

Miles traveled last 24: 157
All is well here on Tioga