The Lazarette

The Lazarette
a Stern Publication

Thank you Neptune! It is Half-way Day, and we are grateful and humbled by your seas.

We celebrated with bucket showers in a passing hour of sunshine just after the marine life show of a lifetime when 50 or so pilot whales came up quickly behind us and then paced us for what seemed an hour. They looked like a happy community with five or six swimming together and rolling in unison, babies along side their mothers and one big one we surmised was the leader. He, maybe she, came very close, perhaps to ensure we posed no harm to the happy family. They left us to the waves and thoughts of new friendships and our families. Wish you were here ( we certainly have enough food).

In other news , let‘s eat! Yes the caloric intake on Tioga is truly astounding. Let me count the pounds: sausage and onions and yummy sauce to start the day, a lunch of pork tenderloin salad with just the right amount of blue cheese. And let‘s not forget Ellen‘s favorite, The Pringle Hour. Brought to you by Chips at Sea, delicious on any point of sail. Dinner is soon, and we‘ll tip a cup to Neptune for his blessing. Bon Appetit!

As we rush to publication for Captain Philip‘s 6 pm data download, we are listening to “If I had a boat” by Lyle Lovett while Ulf scuds along at 7 plus knots in a stiffening breeze working up that famous appetite.

Miles traveled last 24 hours

All is well here on Tioga, but do you know where the kids are?