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For all you fans of contrast, here is our Our Dichotomy of the day: An Ulf is a very special creature that can can change its size. Just look at how big one is and how small a bunk it fits in!

Not only is an Ulf able to change its shape, it can change the world economy and address global warming. Ulf has big plans for his Icebergy business. in case you were wondering, an hour icebergy is a real iceberg imported from Newfoundland and available for cocktails in the comfort of your own home. An icebergy is thousands of years old and makes a crackling sounds as it cools your favorite beverage. During import, the icebergy is towed through the seas for over 1000 miles, thus reducing sea temperatures. The only issue is the logistic of melting. With current technology , it requires a two ton icebergy to deliver one cocktail size product. We know Ulf will crack this minor setback.

Here on Tioga, we spell Sea life : See life. Last night while we sped down the waves porpoises darted alongside lit by phosphorescence. Today a pod of pilot whales trailed the boat, dancing at the bow. If it lives out here, we see it.

And now for our interactive news event. We challenge our readership with the following research questions. When on Tioga, there is no Google. you are out Google. Please let us know the answers to these burning questions. Email your response to us at

Do fish sleep.? Do they have eyelids and how can they see at night?

Seabirds in north Atlantic: those that dont dive for fish: what do they eat? How often do they go back to land?

Greenland: When was it last green and what grew there? And has the US bought Greenland yet?

When did Sweden last produce wine?

How do whales sleep (underwater or floating at the surface) and for how long?

We know that the Titanic sank approximately 300 miles south of our route, but we were wondering where she initiated her journey.

Signing off. All is well here on Tioga. We traveled 140 miles today and continue in a nice breeze of 8 knots building to 17 tomorrow. Broad reach.