Dichotomy of the Day

Having sailed 153 miles in the last 24 hours, we are now approximately 25% into our adventure and the crew are finding their rhythm. After a relaxing Sunday, we all got good sleep with some crew members taking on double shifts so others could catch up on their sleep.

Philip definitely took the prize for the dichotomy of the day. He woke to breakfast in bed (french toast with caramelized bananas and fresh blueberries) and within an hour was in the hole fixing an issue with the steering cable. After three hours in the hole, Philip emerged a bit queezy, but the issue was fixed, the sun was out, and the sailing was beautiful!

We are working to keep an exercise routine, with half the crew participating in yoga today. The yoga venue changed to the cockpit today as the sea was a bit rough for the fore deck.

Coming soon, Ulf’s icebergy business plan, what to do with canned carrots and more. All is well on Tioga!