A day at the Spa

What else to do on a lazy Sunday on Tioga: lets go to the spa!
A spa day was hardly expected as we had experienced a cold night that felt like being stuck on a New England chair lift. But the morning weather was incredible, a gorgeous sunrise followed by clear skies, warm sun, and friendly seas.

While Captain Philip and Ulf gave Tioga some TLC reassembling a stuck winch, Ledyard, becoming aware of B.O. (Boat odor), booked the first treatment of the day — the early morning bucket shower special. Just like in ancient times, taking a bath on Tioga is a public event, where spectators have more fun watching then the bather does bathing.

Ledyard, fearful that this was a hazing event, was a good sport and dove right in, putting on quite the show. After showers were complete, we dried ourselves in the sun by the infinity pool. Once Ulf had freshened up, he joined the ladies for a pedicure in hot pink. – proof attached.

After our morning at the spa, chef Amy served yet another fabulous south beach diet infused lunch (salmon and shrimp on salad). Then the crew took their siesta on the lido deck for some consumption of vitamin C and pina coladas. Unfortunately, senior citizen yoga was cancelled due to building winds.

As the day closes we are running well on a course of 120 in 15 kt breeze and an ETMAL of 142 miles in the past 24 hours.

Another great day on the water…all is well on Tioga!

[catfegory 2019, NL2IRL, NEWFOUNDLAND, Ireland ]