Spudgate, our first brush with international law.

Tioga is a highly regimented outfit. Upon commissioning for the journey, long forgotten contraband from Idaho was discovered with nasal acumen.
You readers ought to know that one thing that Canadian customs officials do not tolerate is illegal importation of American potatoes.
Chef Amy and sous chef Ledyard’s best jugment was to opt for flagrant violation of international law. Under the cover of darkness Ledyard disposed the doublebagged contraband spuds in an inconspicuous dumpster and stole of into the night.
The following Morning Amy woke up to a moral dilemma. Racked by guilt and worry for the future of all spud farming Newfoundlanders, she strongly suggested that her sous retrieve the offending tubers. Ledyard gracefully dumpster dived and pondered the wisdom of taking this vacation.
Needless to say the spuds were tossed overboarded in international waters, thus bringing Spudgate to a happy end.

And other daily news: fair winds, friendly porpoises, and lots of laughs.

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