Cruising top 10

As a southerly breeze pushed us along the rum line, we began to ponder the top ten similarities and differences between a Disney cruise and a Tioga Cruise.

1. All you can eat. Disney: Yes; Tiago: Yes
2. Dining daily with the captain: Disney: No; Tioga:Yes
3. Pee pee in the pool: Disney: Yes; Tioga: Yes
4. Chips on board. Disney: Yes (poker) Tioga: Yes (Pringles)
5. Dancing dolphins: Disney: Yes (Lido deck); Tioga: Yes (playing in our wake for hours) 6. Showers: Disney: Yes (hot, private); Tiago: Yes (cold on deck from a bucket) 7. Daily miles traveled: Disney: 450 miles; Tiago: 156 miles 8. Carbon footprint: Disney: Bigfoot; Tiago: little feet
9. Customer Satisfaction Survey: Tioga 100%; Disney?
10. On deck yoga: Disney: Yes; Tioga: Yes

All is well on Tioga. A very happy and healthy crew enjoying our time on the water!

[catfegory 2019, NL2IRL, NEWFOUNDLAND ]

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