Cruising top 10

As a southerly breeze pushed us along the rum line, we began to ponder the top ten similarities and differences between a Disney cruise and a Tioga Cruise.

1. All you can eat. Disney: Yes; Tiago: Yes
2. Dining daily with the captain: Disney: No; Tioga:Yes
3. Pee pee in the pool: Disney: Yes; Tioga: Yes
4. Chips on board. Disney: Yes (poker) Tioga: Yes (Pringles)
5. Dancing dolphins: Disney: Yes (Lido deck); Tioga: Yes (playing in our wake for hours) 6. Showers: Disney: Yes (hot, private); Tiago: Yes (cold on deck from a bucket) 7. Daily miles traveled: Disney: 450 miles; Tiago: 156 miles 8. Carbon footprint: Disney: Bigfoot; Tiago: little feet
9. Customer Satisfaction Survey: Tioga 100%; Disney?
10. On deck yoga: Disney: Yes; Tioga: Yes

All is well on Tioga. A very happy and healthy crew enjoying our time on the water!

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Spudgate, our first brush with international law.

Tioga is a highly regimented outfit. Upon commissioning for the journey, long forgotten contraband from Idaho was discovered with nasal acumen.
You readers ought to know that one thing that Canadian customs officials do not tolerate is illegal importation of American potatoes.
Chef Amy and sous chef Ledyard’s best jugment was to opt for flagrant violation of international law. Under the cover of darkness Ledyard disposed the doublebagged contraband spuds in an inconspicuous dumpster and stole of into the night.
The following Morning Amy woke up to a moral dilemma. Racked by guilt and worry for the future of all spud farming Newfoundlanders, she strongly suggested that her sous retrieve the offending tubers. Ledyard gracefully dumpster dived and pondered the wisdom of taking this vacation.
Needless to say the spuds were tossed overboarded in international waters, thus bringing Spudgate to a happy end.

And other daily news: fair winds, friendly porpoises, and lots of laughs.

Watch schedules

“Whatever you wear, it’s not enough!” was some of the advice we got from the more experienced sailors that had already sailed to Nova Scotia a number of times.

That was certainly good advice and we are quite proud of all our ski-underwear, large collection of hats, gloves etc.

Captain's glove collection
So far, we have been pretty lucky as the weather up here has been much milder than we expected.
However, we still have to cross the Labrador current & Northern Atlantic, so plenty of opportunity to still make good use of our equipment…

The above also had its impact on our watch schedule as it would not have been comfortable or safe for the crew on watch to be out on deck for too long, should conditions have been as cold as we worried about.
The general watch schedule approach is to have a rolling change in watches. There are normally two crew on watch (red) as we always steer manually; so one to steer and one to handle sails etc.
In general we aim for roughly 3 hours on watch (depending on crew size) and then some following time where the still awake crew will be on standby (amber) to help if needed (to prevent waking up others that are deep asleep etc). Where possible, the standby time is scheduled in way that allows the crew to get off watch get settled etc – and to have them wake up their successor. That in turn ensures timely watch changes and deeper sleep for those worried about overhearing their alarm, but also means that we only have one crew on the help for about 30 minutes. That turned out to be a good approach for now.
During the off-time (green) the crew can sleep, relax, cook, repair, clean up or simply enjoy the time on the ocean.
The order of crew members listed is sorted to balance the skillset evenly across all watches (with the captain on stand-by throughout the entire day).
In case the temperatures did drop to as low as we worried about, we would have changed the cold day schedule, where duration of the watch reduces, but the frequency increases.

As quite a few people asked about our watch schedule approach, you can have a look at them yourself below:

Nahant to Halifax:NHT 2 HFX watch schedule

Halifax to Newfoundland:
HFX 2 STJ watch schedule

Newfoundland to Ireland:
STJ 2 IRL watch schedule