Good-bye, St John’s

After two weeks in the St John’s area, we are finally moving on and will now cross the Atlantic ocean to Ireland.
We were impressed!

Extremely friendly people (with an interesting accent 😉 )
Superb landscapes
Warmer weather than expected and lots of sunshine
An interesting city, with a uniquely situated harbor, a thriving pub scene, historically relevant Telegraph Hill, the eastern-most point of continental North-America and lots of colorful houses
Plenty of whales
– but no icebergs

2 thoughts on “Good-bye, St John’s

  1. Philip thank you again for allowing me passage onto your beautiful Tioga and the fabulous learning experience!!!!! ever ending memories, new friendships and a “check off my bucket list!!!!!” You aloud me to step outside my “comfort zone” and again I thank you. Also to all the other sailors (Peter, Dan, John, Doug, Linda, Corinna and Ellen) for words of advise, comforting conversation that I was going to “do ok” and borrowing your equipment. You ALL are amazing people and I would sail with you again anywhere…….well. To most of all my sister Linda, whom if she hadn’t of introduce me to sailing and all of you I would have never had the opportunity of a life time as I just did. Thanks Lin’ !!!!
    Tioga Sailors, safe travels, laughs and memories to Ireland.
    Always Lisa


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