Not much to say

We cast off from St Pierre at 11:45am, with a little spring line training maneuver.
The fog started light and grew denser as we left the harbor. After an hour we were within fog horn distance of Newfoundland. We were shrouded in fog.
It is easy to see why sailors are superstitious, our ears played tricks on us. The sounds we heard were either gulls, low humming diesel engines, or cries of lost sailors.
But our captain is not superstitious, he is known to flout conventions by bringing bananas on board, and even whistling. We wished he headed the warnings or we wouldn’t be typing this from the life raft – just kidding – we were safe on board Tioga. We were assured of safe passage since at the behest of the captain, Dan and Peter placed coins under the mast during the last refit and the novenas offered by Lisa and Peter at the local church on Ile aux Sailors.
At one point, Steve smelled bleach and assumed the Clorox tanker was bearing down on us. But in fact it was Lisa bringing the boat to a higher standard of microbiological cleanliness.
We continued to sail through dense fog and enjoyed a feast of Grandma Muzziolis chicken cutlet, rice, and carrots. It will be a cold wet night but the crew of Tioga is ready.

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