We have come full circle

After a nice meal and perfect sail into the sunset along the Cape Cod coast, we were able to sail close-hauled to Nahant (Immigrations agreed to meet us there instead of Marblehead or Gloucester).
Finishing our two year loop around the Northern Atlantic couldn’t have been a nicer sail: lots and lots of stars, beautiful sunrise, blue skies, calm sees and a perfect breeze brought it all together nicely.

Foulies and hats were replaced by t-shirts and shorts, Boston’s skyline rose behind the horizon long before we could see Nahant, the drone came out for a last spin over the ocean and familiar sites, like Graves Lighthouse (now sandblasted and looking slightly different), Egg Rock or East Point, came into sight.
We tied up on our mooring, packed, cleaned the boat, had breakfast and then headed to the dock to meet families and friends as well as the friendly Immigrations office that checked us into the US.
Of course Peter Koslowski had not forgotten about us and we enjoyed his donuts (that he could not deliver on the ocean because of equipment failure).
We were proud to have completed this adventure and large team effort.
After unloading a few tons of spare parts, tools, food, sails, scubz gear and clothes, Tioga’s waterline appeared above the water again.
We all went home, unpacked, had a shower and then got together at the Nahant Dory Club to round off the day.

A big thanks to all the spouse that let us sail this and all the previous legs!!


2 thoughts on “We have come full circle

  1. Hello Team Tioga!
    You’ve done it, Congratulations.
    With all my respect and admiration I congratulate each and every one of you that you have accepted this incredible challenge and brought the tour to a happy ending.
    What a team, what tolerant families, what discipline, what hardness, what willpower and composure to complete this adventure, this tour, this dream and this end.
    Thanks again for your blog, the videos and all the great photos. An enrichment with many facets documenting such a journey.
    Keep up the good work, keep your dreams alive, and leave plenty of room for admiration.
    The fire of motivation for further projects will surely continue to burn in you …
    To you ALL continue good luck and all the best
    Carmen Salghetti-Drioli


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