The Pilgrim Monument

Our final full day aboard Tioga. We woke to a misty morning with brisk winds, spits of rain and overcast sky’s. An early visit by a pod of dolphins got Josh to the bow to welcome them with whoops of joy. His theory is if you don’t show appreciation, they wont stay long. This pod did hang with us for about 15 minutes. The temps were on the cool side and the Tioga crew were in full foulies to keep out the cold. We had a few more visits from dolphins and late in the day we felt as if we were on a whale watch. Breaching whales and many plumes from their blow holes kept the crew busy. We learned that one particular whale must suffer from Halitosis from the smell of its plume. We saw the coast of Cape Cod around 6pm letting us know our journey will soon come to an end. Almost 2 years ago the last visible beacon of coastal US was the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown Massachusetts, we now await seeing this beacon light up the night sky for Tioga’s return. The crew has mixed emotions on the final leg of this great adventure covering more then 12,000 miles at sea. The sadness of our great adventure coming to an end and the joy of a mission completed and current crew being reunited with their loved ones. A great many thanks to Captain Philip for providing us with this amazing opportunity and we can’t wait to join him on his next great voyage.

The crew on its way back to the US

The crew on its way back to the US

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