Welcome to the Dark Side

Another day aboard the good ship Tioga! As the crew speeds north towards home, we increased our speed in finishing the excess in food we have on board. Bacon, egg, and cheese on bagels to start the day right. We had to motor due to lack of wind, which gave a few on board a chance to take a swim in the middle of the Atlantic. Another bucket list item checked off. Lunch consisted of chili and rib eye steak washed down with a few cold beers. The afternoon was spent hanging out in the cockpit telling stories and laughing the afternoon away. The Captain, in an unusual move, requested a late afternoon dark and stormy and no one on the crew dared question his authority – he claims he’s just trying to clear inventory! Next up – chicken korma and rice for dinner. Breaking bread together at sea is a special time for the crew and a long standing Tioga tradition – food for your body and your soul. Did we mention we ate a lot today. The wind freshened and we are under full sail as we ra
ce towards the sunset. The seas are relatively flat and from behind – fair winds and following seas! We were visited by 2 pods of dolphins and a few giant sunfish – all in all a good day!
For us there is no darkness in the Dark Side just the dark waters north of the Gulf Steam. These are our home waters – we know we’re headed home.

One thought on “Welcome to the Dark Side

  1. So much fun you must be having! Seems like whenever Dan is aboard, you see Dolphins! He must be the dolphin whisperer… Xoxo to all our favorite Nahant sailors….


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