Blister Pops

The morning started a bit noisily with the sounds of luffing sails and splashing water. Topsides Dave and John had watched two downpours connect and blast the boat with torrential rain, confused seas, and lots of wind. Quickly the mainsail was doused and reasonable order restored. The skies were still cloudy by the time the sun rose but soon the clouds burned off and another lovely days was upon us.
The wind was moderate and from a friendly direction and we steamed towards the Gulf Stream 12 hours away. First we shook out the mainsail reefs and eventually put up the gennaker (AKA blister)to make good speed. The winds gradually increased and just before we decided it was too much wind for the gennaker, the sail decided for us and ripped right up the middle. Procrastination never pays.
The genny was soon out and we continued on on this beautiful day. As we entered the Gulf Stream the wind was brisk and seas fairly flat. Sunset was spectacular and greeted by our cameras. As Dan served up his Amish meatloaf a pod of dolphins paid us a brief visit. Now we are pulling in the fishing gear, knowing all the fish are still safe, and heading into the darkness towards the cooler waters on the other side of the Stream.


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