Enjoying a pretty large infinity pool

The day started with Captain Philip raising the broken genoa to let it dry. After everyone got out of their bunks we worked together to bring down the dried genoa: While Ellen kept Tioga on a steady course, Roger slowly dropped the sail inch by inch. Philip, Doug and Ulf flaked and rolled the sail into a perfect block.

This hard work was quickly rewarded with a blue ocean swim. All sails were dropped, a fender on a line was thrown into the water. Ellen overcame her fears of deep water, sharks and Portuguese men of war and swam without her best swimming friend “Jim Buoy”. The 50 year old boys turned 15 and did cannon balls, flips, somersaults and a triple sow cow into the 1000s of feet of crystal clear water. Fortunately nobody got hurt. The drone was launched to take more pictures of the happy crew.

Everyone got hungry. Ulf created the “use it before it goes bad omelette” which half emptied the fridge and filled everyones stomach.
The wind disappeared and we started the motor and raised the fly. We played some farkel. Nobody seemed to quite know the farkel rules that were established by the international federation of farkel players rule councils. No problem, we made them up.

Then we had you know blah blah more great food and enjoyed another blah blah wonderful sun set…. 140 miles Etmal. Our eta is Wednesday morning.



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