Freight train or washing machine?

Not much new to report.
We are still moving at a good clip in the very nice and stable trade winds from the east. The temperature and sunshine are in perfect balance and the swell has increased a bit. Tioga is in freight train mode, sailing at its best.
There is a little bit of a price to pay, though; the lashing of our genoa broke this morning (due to too much heavy water constantly pounding the sail), the roller furler lost a couple of bolts holding the unit together (which we should have prevented during our pre-departure inspection) and of course there is the washing machine element where the boat is constantly heeled at an angle, larger waves soak the crew every couple of minutes, using the head equals riding a wild bronco and kitchen-yoga is the only way to prepare a meal (all good fun, trains our core muscles and keeps us clean…).

We fixed the technical issues above, enjoyed the beautiful light with music, cheese and crackers and finished the day with Roger’s great chilli.

In the afternoon, the wind had calmed down enough to finally hoist the main sail ( we have sailed over 800 nm, ie all the way from Trinidad, without our main sail…).

Our etmal for the day was 163nn.
All is well, life is still good.


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