Yes, it got done; but we needed some help. Initially, it sounded like we got lucky with a local recommendation to work with Marionics in Catamaran marina –  but the guy was too busy.
Luckily enough, Antigua Yacht Services had another recommendation, Wayne, and he had time for us. We picked Wayne up at noon, and two hours later,  the Balmar alternator was installed (but without the regulator).   This is not to say that this was a straight forward game of install — it was a bit more like Twister, where yellow meets yellow and red meets red, and poor Wayne Twisted on the floor in the galley.  All jolly good in the end, and we left Falmouth Harbor with a fantastic sail to Jolly Harbor (where the local supermarket and Immigrations are located).
We sailed past the beautiful rolling hills of Antigua and  many, many resorts with their beaches while enjoying the extremely turquoise waters.
In Jolly Harbor, we cleaned the fridge (we still wonder what the previous crew did to the fridge that made it smell like it did. It must have been more than old cheese, combined liquefied butter and melted peanut butter cups…) went for a late ocean swim in the dark, had a shower and went for dinner.   Hafenkino factor for today is only a 4 as we docked flawlessly, but had a small mishap on the dock when the water nozzle got stuck in the on position while filling a bucket of suds to be used to clean the fridge.  Explosion of suds and Tioga got a suds bath!  What will tomorrow bring?


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