We need to move the Dory Club to Antigua

The highlight of the day was clearly the hike up to Shirley Heights (the lookout above English Harbor). It started with a water taxi ride across the harbor from Nelson’s Dockyard, followed by an amazing path to various lookouts before turning uphill to get to Shirley Heights on the top.
As every Sunday, Shirley Heights was filled with an eclectic mix of people (sailors, regular tourists, locals, a steel band and a regular band), offered bbq’ed food and lots of rum punches. We ended up dancing for a couple of hours and had a great time.
In other words  a great party at an even greater location.
The sun had set when we arrived at the top and the harbor was lit up by a see of anchor lights. In our opinion one of the best views (if not the best) in all the Caribbean.

All this fun was a nice finish to a busy day. We started in the morning getting the new crew up to speed on the equipment of the boat, safety procedure etc. We checked the ditch bags, completed the food plan and had Roger review our medical equipment (now that we finally have an actual doctor on board).
A lot of time was spent, trying to figure out if and how we could use the alternator without a regulator (even Bob Hansen, of Hansen Marine – the Westerbeke dealer in Marblehead did not know). We still do not know, but made the decision that is was ok to at least install it and get it ready for use. Of course the new alternator did not fit into the current bracket and we went ahead cutting the brand new alternator into shape (it clearly no longer looks brand new anymore, but now fits into the bracket). It is now wired without the regulator but still does not charge the batteries.
Ulf and Roger motored over the Catamaran Marina and got the contact details of the local alternator expert. We will connect with him tomorrow at 7:30 and try to get him to come to Tioga and help us out. We’ll see how that works out as we are still missing half of the wiring harness…


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