Going for Gold

When Ellen answered “we’ll kinda” to the question if the golden bracelet she just lost over board was expensive, it was clear that a solution had to be found.
The water was 20 feet deep and relatively milky with mediocre visibility. First dives with just a snorkel and fins confirmed that most of the ground was covered with grass and that is was too deep to spend significant time for actually searching down there.
We therefore collected all the scuba gear on the boat, were positively surprised to find it in working order and started the search.
Due to the poor visibility the captain had to come up numerous times to get back to the search area and when we were close to giving up finding the needle in the haystack, it did actually happen: we found the bracelet in the sea grass!
What a relief – it gave us a good sense of achievement on an otherwise relatively uneventful day.
Linda, Lilli, Peter, Corinna and Lauren left to the airport in the morning (we already miss them and wonder if they will ever recover from 2 weeks without a shower), the captain took care of some boat maintenance and Ulf, Roger and Doug arrived in the afternoon.
We tried to make sense of the new Balmar 60 Series 120Amp alternator but concluded that it was missing parts of the wiring harness to the regulator (we are now trying to confirm that we can run the alternator without the regulator).

Roger treated us all to a very nice dinner at the Antigua Yacht Club. Thanks!!
No Fireballs tonight and no whistling captain… so Byron (our one-legged friend) and Jaffa (the donkey owner) will have to do without us for a night.
We’ll see what stories Ellen, Ulf and Roger bring back from their tour tonight.



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