Another leg is coming to its end.

We got quite a few items taken care of today.
While the Captain went to work, Linda and Cathy dropped the laundry off in town, Corinna and Lauren cleaned the boat and packed their bags. Peter took care of the whisker pole pieces and spinnaker pole.
In the afternoon, after Peter exchanged burgees with the Antigua Yacht Club, we all met at Immigrations at Nelson’s dockyard to check out the crew that is flying home. With the captain back at work, the crew went to the beach to enjoy their last day in Antigua
Back at home, Ulf picked up the new alternator and Ellen started her trip to Antigua (by now all new crew have Captain’s letters to make sure they do not experience the same challenges that Ellen went through at Logan airport).

We celebrated Ellen’s arrival with a first cocktail on the deck of the AYC. Got the laundry back to boat, packed and went to dinner at Trappas followed by lots of dancing at the local corner bar.

The temperature is still perfect, the breeze is still going and the cocktails are still flowing – what more can you want…

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