The Elusive Spotted Dolphins

On the high seas again.  The crew settled in for a 2 day sail to Antigua.  We had a rough 1st night with alot of wave action. Each time we passed by one of the many carribean islands, we lost our wind and needed to motor until we passed the island. So far, we have passed St. Vincent, St. lucia, Martinique, Dominica, and we are currently enjoying the lights of Guadeloupe.  Most of the past day has been spent relaxing, taking watch or sleeping.  We had a light lunch of hot dogs from a jar and chips and spinach dip.  For dinner, Corinna made a fantastic fish stew.  The days highlight, you guessed it, yes Uncle Dan, we came across a pod of 10 of the Eluuusive Spotted Dolphins! They appeared to be smaller than those we have seen on prior trips.  They danced and played for 5 minutes and swam off.  All in all a good day.  In about 10 hours we should make landfall in Antiqua to end another leg in Tioga’s journey home.

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