Bequia – Marley Hats and Orca Teeth

We went into the town last night and did a little dancing to reggae. Lili and Lauren met 2 little girls – Zion and Azifa. Since it was a late night we slept in a bit. After the usual breakfast
of fruit and cereal, Capt. Philip, Peter, Linda, Cathy and Lili headed into to town. Corinna and Lauren relaxed on Tioga. The landing team arrived to find Bequia in full Easter Regatta
Festival with food, arts & crafts, more food and loud music. The group officially checked out of St Vincent & the Grenadines since Tioga will set sail for this leg’s final destination of Antigua
later in the day.We stop in at a open air market and purchase some t-shirts and bags and other Merch! The captain spent about an hour negotiating for an Orca tooth and a Bob Marley Knit cap – which really set the Carribean mood. We wove our way through the festival and along the coastal walkway to a large high falutin’ party which we were way under dressed. We watched the movers and shakers in the party for a few minutes and headed back to a nice little cafe along the water front for some conch fritters, fish cakes and chicken wings – washed down with Rum Punch and Pain Killers. Once we left the waterfront cafe we were walking back to the inflatable when we ran into a committee member from the regatta and inquired about trading a Dory Club burgee for a local clubs burgee. We were introduced to Andrew – the head of the local youth sailing program. He brought us into their local club and treated us to rum punch after rum punch. We left the Dory Club burgee with the promise of getting one of theirs mailed to us. We also swaps personal contact information in the hopes of doing a little sail instructor training abroad program to Bequia and having some of their students travel to the US to sail in our program. We lucked out with a few Gosling Red Regatta shirts and a Youth sailing hat for Lili. Lili made a purchase of an Orca tooth necklace for Peter that will nicely match his lucky ships wheel necklace he received before sailing transatlantic. With the afternoon waning away we decided to head back to the Tioga for a bit of rest and prepare for the 2 day sail to Antigua – hopefully we have time for a quick stop in Guadalupe along the way. We have a quick meal of curried Chicken and salad before departing the lovely island of Bequia – another awesome day.


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