3 Islands and a Weedwacker

Our first night was a sail towards the Grenadines with the crew getting used to the boat, seas and the limited sleep schedule. We passed oil platforms reminding us of how close we were to Venezuela. At one point those below thought the bright moon was shining through the portholes, but it was actually the lights from a freighter at anchor. The crew was visited by a dolphin and some flying fish.The first lights of land were faint lights of Grenada – an island we’ll sail past and not visit. Our fist island stop was the tiny Island of Mopion – just a pile of sand in the ocean with nothing but an umbrella on it. For such a small Island it was quite busy with several other boats anchoring near it. We made our way via the inflatable and spent some time swimming and snorkeling around and walking around the island – literally walking around the whole Island. We packed up and moved on to our next island to officially check into St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Union Island is the Southern most Island and is the check in point for boats traveling north. We were greeted at the harbor entrance by “boat boys” – guys buzzing around in small boats directing you to a mooring anchorage so they can collect some fee – but they are not really official or responsible for the use of the moorings. We brushed them away and they continued buzzing the harbor looking for their next visitor to “help”. Capt. Philip headed to Customs and Immigration to check us all in. Cathy and Linda went to the bank to exchange US for EC dollars which we”ll need when we get to visit Tobago Cays. After checking in we spent about an hour sailing to our third stop Salt Whistle Bay on the island of Mayreau. We were greeted with loud Reggae Music and a few more “boat boys” buzzing around. After a few tries at anchoring in the soft sand we finally got it set and settled in for the night. We all jumped in to cool off and swam around millions of little feeder fish. Lauren tried and succeeded at her first back dive. Capt. Philip broke out the drone for some arial photos and set of a chain reaction of of 3 other boats flying drones. A group effort in preparing dinner of chicken on the grill and a few local lobsters. We capped off the night with little sundowners of rum or vodka with various juices.

As for the weedwacker – when we were preparing to leave Trinidad, a fellow boater, Felix, in the yard approached Corinna and asked if we were stopping at Union Island and could we deliver a weedwacker to his friend, Joseph. We accepted the task and as it turned out the friend was actually on Mayreau. When he picked up his weedwacker he offered some fresh lobsters – for a price!


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