It’s how you catch it

We said good-bye to our favorite Roti-Chef after all the remaining items before our launch were completed (incl the 90 minutes of filling out piles of redundant forms at Immigrations to check out of the country). Cathy, Corinna and Lauren came back with a car full of perishable food items while we packed away the tools we used.
The travel lift picked us up, put Tioga in the water and we sailed away into the sunset…

that is not exactly how it happened. After the crane put Tioga in the water, Peter (Philip was on a conference call) went below to check all the through-hulls (which had been serviced here before) to make sure we were not taking on any water. That was a good move as it turned out that we were taking on a little water in the bow (the depth sounder had to be rebedded) and a lot more in the aft cabin. We initially thought that is was the stuffing box leaking, but it turned out to be a bigger issue as the water came from underneath the shaft. Long story short, we were forced to turn around, get Tioga back on the hard, inspect the suspicious area in more detail and come up with a plan.
As always, Mark’s and Cow’s teams were quick to get going, pulled the depth sounder and the shaft, removed the outside layers of fiberglass etc.
It turns out that also there a previous repair job was done with the wrong materials and had by now taken on water.
We were lucky that we came across this while still in the travel lift as it looked like an accident waiting to happen.

Anyways, we decided to get the returned rental car back from Adrian (who was luckily stuck in traffic not too far away) and hit the beach. Macqueripe Bay was only 15 minutes away and turned out to be the perfect distraction. A nice beach surrounded by cliffs and truly amazing vegetation made us forget the trouble we were in (a few cocktails also helped). In fact, it felt that we were lucky to have found this little gem. We had turned a bad situation into a good one…

By now, the boat has been prepped and is drying out, floodlights are in place and Cow’s crew will get going with another night shift soon.
If things go well, we will get back in the water tomorrow afternoon.

As Cathy’s mother used to say: “It is not what life throws at you. It is how you catch it.”


One thought on “It’s how you catch it

  1. Good morning guys, I remember those feelings of peeling back the floorboards and seeing things not as dry as expected…… I’m sorry to hear of the set back. No doubt the morning sun will help cure the hangovers that you might have. We will follow along this next turn of the adventure and know that the captain and the gang will endure and enjoy, and be back on track in due time.



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