When in Trini

“When in Trini, you have to eat well” is what the nice lady at the stall on the road to Powerboats said (the Roti store on the boatyard is closed over the weekend).
Overall, we are getting more adjusted to the lifestyle and culture in Trinidad. The strong English accent no longer sounds like a totally different language, it is perfectly normal not to have hot water as regular water works just fine for a shower in this warm climate, people go the extra mile to keep their customer happy (we did not ask to get the windlass polished, the motor for it painted or some forgotten vegetables removed, but it just happened anyways…)
and most importantly, we no longer turn on the wiper instead of the indicator when driving on the other side of the road (with our locally organized older rental car we already look like locals).
Apart from that, the boat was fully prepared for the awlgrip job tomorrow, we removed more of the cracked bottom (it looks like a previous owner had some repairs done and use autobody filler instead of epoxy), we got our basic supplies from the local Budget Marine store, had a test flight with the done to confirm it worked again (after a significant amount of time spent on upgrading all involved components duringt the winter) and most importantly, our crew arrived.
Cathy and Peter arrived first, followed by Corinna and Lauren.
We got some groceries and dinner before heading back to Chaguaramas to finish the day off with a cocktail in the local bar.


One thought on “When in Trini

  1. Looks awesome Philip. I bet Tioga looks awesome too. Dan dropped off the watch schedule. I will bring it when I come…


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