Maracas delivers on its promise

We got up early today as we had to leave the boat before the Awlgrip spraying began (right after the sun had burned the dew away and the wind picked up). As we had planned to make Sunday our sightseeing day, all was good.
After a brief tour through the capital, Port of Spain, we went straight to Maracas Beach (it is the largest and most popular beach in Trinidad and mostly frequented by locals) and had a fantastic day; enjoying the view from Maracas outlook, sampling numerous pickled and spicy fruits, liming under palm trees, body surfing in decent waves with just the right water temperature…
Lunch of course included “Bake and Shark” sandwiches paired with a cool Carib beer.
The beach was packed with lots of people and apart from moving around the palm tree
as the shadow moved we enjoyed watching the very interesting characters at the beach, had a few cocktails and of course our first sunburn.
In the meantime, Cow and team sprayed the entire area around Tioga with water to reduce the risk of dust making it to the boat. They then made final preparations and began spraying new layers of dark blue Awlgrip paint.
When we came back to the boat in the afternoon, the boot locked awesome. We prepared the shopping list for tomorrow, fixed a few smaller items and enjoyed a meal at the waterfront.

Life is good


2 thoughts on “Maracas delivers on its promise

    • I wish we would. I am certainly game. It does not look like I’ll be able to convince the majority of our crew….


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