We are moving back in again

Roughly 3 months went by since we completely cleaned out Tioga and handed her over to Dynamite marine. The idea was to replace the worn out teak deck and to get a few other maintenance items taken care of.
In parallel, Kemba, aka Cow, stripped the underbody, replaced the barrier coat and also repainted the blue awlgrip above the waterline.

Philip arrived in Chaguaramas late last night. Although it was dark, there was enough light to appreciate the new awlgrip paint job as well as the amazing new teak deck.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. These projects are no exception. Cow and team where putting on the last coat of awlgrip when the wind picked up and some dust (although they had wetted the yard with water before) found its way to the paint before it was fully dried out (the entire hull needs to be lightly sanded now and new awlgrip coats need to be sprayed on after that!).
What had fully dried out was the bottom’s barrier coat and unfortunately a couple of cracks started to show, indicating that more fiberglass work was needed.
We decided to move Tioga to a more protected location and the team got going.
While these items still need to be taken care of, we are on track to get the boat in the water early next week and leave on Wednesday afternoon.
Until then, truckload after truckload of stored equipment is being delivered. In between conference calls more and more items are finding their space in the boat and soon we will be able to see the floor again.
With 32C/90F and lots of humidity, this is quite an exercise. It would have been much worse, had our friends at Dynamite Marine not reinstalled the air conditioner.


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