The teak deck is gone

Quick summary of the first two weeks of boatwork in Trinidad.

As mentioned earlier, we were impressed by the speed of all the work that was performed while we were still in Chaguaramas.
By now, almost two weeks have gone by and Dynamite Marine and team are moving at a good clip.
By now,
– all equipment is stored in air conditioned storeage sections (in Dynamite Marine’s office)
– the boat is covered by a shrink-wrap tent (to make sure they can keep the pace even during the rain)
– all deck-hardware has been removed, such as cleats, windlass or the very long tracks for the jib-sheet leads
– the fridge is still intact as they found a way to remove the port track without drilling holes in the fridge ceiling
– the outboard is going through service
– the seals of the hydraulic Navtec vang are being replaced
– wood for all the internal woodwork is procured and the work estimated
and yes, all the old teak deck has been removed.

One of the biggest concerns was a potentially rotten core. However, so far, none could be found (except in a section of the cockpit floor. The deck feels strong and shows no decolorization when checking it from underneath. We will drill holes and take sample to make sure we are truly ok.

Other work, such as replacing the barrier cote, fixing the leaking vang selector on the hydraulic panel, replacing through-hulls& valves or installing a proper solution of our improvised partners (we had cut new wooden wedges in Norway and will replace them with Spartite and a canvass cover) are in preparation.

So far, so good – looks like we are in track to get this all done by the end of March. Our crew is set for the leg via the Grenadines to Antigua already and we are having a lot of fun researching where to stop on the way.



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