The crew from Lanzarote to Trinidad

A few more photos of our crew that sailed from Arrecife (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) via Charlotteville, Tobago, to Chaguaramas, Trinidad.
We left the marina in Arrecife in a breezy Northerly and some choppy waves. When we took the corner around southern Lanzarote, things  got rough pretty quickly as we sailed into significant swell in addition to sizable wind-waves. The wind coming from slightly forward of abeam made things more interesting and most crew were wondering what they signed up for. Apart from the challenge for the new crew to get used to this new environment quickly, we had a nice trip from there. The usual three days passed by and everybody had their sea-legs and appetite back.
The main decision we made was to sail a relatively northern route. This was keeping us close to the rump line and provided a couple of days of broad reaching. From then on, the challenge was to find a sustainable way to sail down wind for weeks at a time and deal with the heavy rolling motion of the boat.
Apart from breaking the whisker pole (twice), most of the boat stayed intact. When we started to use the spinnaker pole and with that the track on the mast, that track did not last long. It broke, because the screws were not able to hold it in place (we believe that the screws might have been too short and the thread not cut correctly but need to investigate some more); with a serious amount of lines we were able to lash it in place for the remainder of the trip.
We saw very few signs of live during this trip: three freighters, three dolphin pods and two whales (about what we would see every other day on the previous legs). And we finally managed to catch our first fish of the tour (thanks to Jake).
We were glad to have visited Tobago (although clearly not long enough) and had a decent enough time in Trinidad (next time we will try again to find the bat caves).
We were overall very happy with the weather as we had at least 10kn throughout the trip, the temperatures were comfortable and showers fairly light. Had we sailed a month earlier, this trip would have taken us approximately seven days longer!
We sailed a total of about 3000 miles, barely ran the engine and sailed mostly dead downwind.
And most importantly, nobody got hurt.
This was our longest non-stop sail so far – with 18 days.

Ben Zack
Jake Baldwin
Josh Antrim
Max Brueck
Philip Kersten



One thought on “The crew from Lanzarote to Trinidad

  1. Hallo Philip! Herzlichen Grückwunsch! Sehr schön gemacht.
    Ha, wir hatten die gleiche Erfahrung mit der abgepilzten Mastschiene machen müssen und unterwegs den Schaden tipp-topp gelöst. Seither ist die Schiene bumsfest, auch bei Druck von der Seite, wenn der Spibaum querab steht. Der Trick ist eine Reihe Flügelschrauben in einem Stück Holz, passend zu den Lochabständen durch einen unteren Fallenauslass (falls das bei eurem neuen Mast ähnlich aussehen sollte). Vielleicht überlegt ihr ja noch… (auf der Seite ganz unten)

    Seid alle lieb gegrüßt!

    Fair Winds und all das…


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