All good things must come to an end

We were down to a crew of only 2 after Jake and Josh left early in the morning to fly back to Boston.
When we came back to the boatyard, the Dynamite Marine team was already waiting for us. We got the remaining mattresses, cushions and sleeping bags off the boat and they got going uninstalling windlass and other hardware on the foredeck.
We agreed to install a shrink-wrap tent to make sure work can continue without interruption (we are at the end of rainy season but never know how much rain to still expect) and that tent will be installed tomorrow.
Of course we had to visit our favorite offices in Chaguaramas, Immigrations and Customs, one more time to get the required permissions to leave Tioga here while we were out of the country. Although our attempt to check out  felt like it was prolonged with deliberate suspense, time went by quickly as we observed hos a poor British sailor suffered through the inquisition (read tearing apart) by one of the chief immigration officers.
Customs, on the other hand, went surprisingly fast and was a very pleasant experience.

We changed the oil, washed all linens and towels and enjoyed a nice Roti lunch at the local hole in the wall.

The most notable thing happened at 12:30 today: it did NOT rain. Over the previous 4 days you could set your clock as the rain started exactly at the same time every day.

There was a can drive to benefit the poor in Venezuela yesterday and we donated a laundry basket full of cans. Today, we cleaned out the fridge and found thankful takers on the fishing vessel next to us. We are not sure, if they will use the ham or cheese themselves or go fishing with it – but in either case it is better then throwing the food away.

We had our final dinner on board today and are enjoying our last gin tonic in the cockpit before heading to the airport early tomorrow morning.

This place has a good vibe. There are lots of friendly people that seem very skilled. No day went by without someone helping us with our chores or offering their services. The yard is protected by security guards 24 hours a day and as we type this post, the golf cart has come by at least twice (might be just a sign of how slowly I am typing…).

We’ll be back in the end of March/early April to continue living life to its fullest.



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