The final step to Trinidad

After a couple of hours sailing along Tobago in the dark and seeing surprisingly few lights ashore (the northern shore is not as populated as the southwest), we finally reached the point where we could jibe and point to Trinidad.
The breeze had calmed down and the gennaker came up one last time at 3:30 in the morning.
A couple of dolphins pods came by and we enjoyed the nice sunrise of our last sailing day. We made good time and reached the Bocas del Dragon (the cut down south between the main land and a chain of islands to the West) by 11:00. The currents there were quite strong with about 2-3kn. Freighter traffic had increased and oil platforms showed in the horizon.
Turning a few corners and Chaguaramas, our final destination, was at sight. As we did not encounter any pirates, we were able to keep our cabbage cannonballs and squash.

Chaguaramas was packed with all kinds of vessels, freighters, tankers, oil platform service boats, lots and lots of cruisers and powerboats, some Navy ships, a couple of marinas and quite a few boats yards (there are more boats on land than in the water – most of them getting boatwork done.).

After making it past Customs and Immigration, we were able to get to the dock of Power Boats, the marina where our boatwork will be performed.

The shore team of Dymamite Marine was waiting for us and quickly started inspecting the teak deck etc to come up with a plan to replace it. We reviewed various facilities & suppliers, compared boatyards and settled on the next steps.

When the typical tropical rain kicked in (we have about 29C/90F and mostly cloud cover throughout the day), we were happy that we had already taken the main and genoa off during the sail under gennaker. That way we got them into storage before they got wet.

The amount of boats and boatwork that is going on here is overwhelming. We believe that we are in capable hands and hope that the work gets done by the end of March.

We went to celebrate our arrival in the bar next door as well as for dinner in the restaurant in the next boatyard.

Facilities are good and secure, internet is fast, people are very friendly and a Carib in this hot climate never tasted  better.

Our hall-out is scheduled to 8:30 tomorrow. Let’s see what happens next.


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