Sweat equity

Trinidad is a pretty hot place. Add a lot of humidity and quite some work and you get the idea what we went through today.

As planned, we got under the crane at 8:30 this morning. As soon as the boat was out of the water, the Dynamite Marine guys were all over us. We unloaded three truckloads of equipment into their storage facility, washed all the sleeping backs and foul weather gear, got the outboard dropped off for service and the inflatable picked up to dry.
Our crew got the manual bilge pump repaired (with Ben spending a significant amount in the whole (at unprecedented temperatures)), the remaining winches serviced, all areas under the teak deck cleaned out, some zincs replaced and lots more.

Mark reviewed all work items that we are looking to get the fixed while the Power Boats team power washed the bottom. We managed to get shore power installed and continued troubleshooting out energy management.

After a perfect Indian lunch, Roti, at the little shop in the corner of our yard, we came back to dry sleeping bags and foul weather gear, while the Dynamite Marine team installed a mobile air conditioning unit on Tioga! Yes, we have air conditioning now. Sleeping last night was a challenge given the high temperatures and this seemed to be the only way to get some rest over night.

As we made it far enough down our action item list, we will take tomorrow off and go sightseeing. There will be enough time on Sunday to finish the remaining items.

Despite the ambition to go and party tonight, we all are quite tired and will get some rest instead.


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