A (too) short stop in Tobago

While seeing Tobago in the distance for quite a while, we finally sailed into Pirates Bay (in the Northeastern corner of Tobago) around midnight.
The navigation into the bay was straightforward and we therefore decided to move ahead despite the pitch black night. The anchor went down and we celebrated our arrival with a beer.
While Charlotteville is the second largest settlement on Tobago, we were surprised to see only a few lights at night and not a lot more houses in the daytime. Our surroundings were impressive green mountains with a few houses built into the steep cliffs – what a welcome!

We got the inflatable ready and went to find immigration and customs. A good hour later we were finally cleared and proud of our transatlantic journey (2842nm in 18 days with 80nm more to go to Trinidad).

Corinna had sent us a list of attractions and we decided to get a taxi for a tour of the island.
In addition to a number of very picturesque beaches, tropical rain forests and good local food, we were most impressed by the hike to the Argyle waterfalls. We had hired a guide to point out all kinds of relevant details throughout the beautiful walk through lush greens and lots of bamboo. As we were about to get wet at the waterfalls, we did not mind the frequent tropical showers. The waterfalls did not disappoint, neither did the pool at the bottom of it.
On our way back to the boat we stopped at the local beach to enjoy a last swim, some libations as well as the nice sunset above the mountains.
We would have loved to stay longer at this outstanding location, but had to move on. The anchor was up at 20:00 and we set course for Trinidad.


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